30 Aug

Among our five senses, the sense of smell is also a significant area as it is connected to our brain part to induce emotion and memory. If you take care of enhancing the potential of our natural smell factor by using perfumes, chances are that you can succeed in being able to attract people due to the enhanced smell, since perfumes are rich in pheromones that has that smell factor and, therefore, you also create a lingering memory of your kind of smell on people.
Natural perfumes are made of aromatic ingredients that are extracted from flowers and specific animals to take out essentials oils, resins, waxes, or infusions from them. Natural perfumes have been found to have much greater health and environmental benefits to us than using synthetic perfumes. Only essential oils that are naturally extracted to produce natural perfumes have this way of providing an effect of calmness and relaxed mood in us and, at the same time, help recharge energy in our body. Unlike perfumes that are synthetically made, therefore artificially produced, which are derived from petrochemical compounds which have been proven to cause migraines, nausea, and lung irritation. Petrochemical ingredients are found to be damaging to the human skin and to the environment.  Another advantage of natural perfume over that of synthetic perfume is that the fragrances in natural perfumes produce a more personal scent on the wearer while the synthetic one simply just mask the skin of the wearer.

The trend for everything natural has helped boost up the sales of natural perfumes and manufacturers are providing also better options to avail them in containers known as 
rollerball perfume dispensers, which are small glass vials that have a non-removable plastic or metal ball in its opening. To operate a rollerball perfume dispenser, you only have to press the ball on your skin so the ball can rotate and collect the liquid perfume on its surface for it to distribute directly on your skin. One of the practical benefits of containing natural perfumes in rollerball dispensers is that they are portable and, therefore, ideal for travel because they are not just small vials but also because the container is non-spill and small enough to fit into a bag. Economically, rollerball perfume dispensers are a lot cheaper compared to buying natural perfumes in a bottle. It is also economical to have your natural perfume in rollerball dispenser so you can further purchase other scents in a similar container. The greatest benefit of putting your natural perfumes in rollerball dispensers is in the application, since you can easily dab the perfume on pulse points where the scent can be activated intensely and lasts longer. For more info.

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